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بورسیه تحصیلی در آکادمی هاروارد
harvard.jpgبرنامه بورس تحصیلی آکادمی هاروارد در سال تحصیلی 2012-2011 اعلام شد. هزینه بورس تحصیلی در مقطع فوق دکتری 48 دلار و در مقطع پیش دکتری 28 دلار است. دوره این بورسیه های تحصیلی دو ساله است.


The Academy Scholars Program identifies and supports outstanding scholars at the start of their careers whose work combines disciplinary excellence in the social sciences (including history and law) with a command of the language, history, or culture of non-Western countries or regions. Their scholarship may elucidate
domestic, comparative, or transnational issues, past or present.

Post-doctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $48,000, and pre-doctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $28,000. Applications for the 2011-2012 class of Academy Scholars are due by October 1, 2010. Finalist interviews will take place in Cambridge on December 6. Notification of Scholarships will be made in January, 2011.

For complete information on how to apply visit:
www.wcfia.harvard. edu/academy.

http://www.caleidos cop.org/Members/ Marius/news- 2010/harvard- university- 2-year-research- fellowship- for-non-western- social-science- and-history- pre-and-post- docs

Hec-Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries

Launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères), the Eiffel Scholarship is designed to bolster international recruiting by French schools of higher education, at a time when competition to attract top foreign students is growing among developed countries.

HEC reserves the right to submit only those candidates it feels best qualify for the Eiffel Scholarship as the award is particularly competitive and prestigious. Note that applications from students currently studying outside France will be given priority over those from students already studying in France.


The HEC MBA Program applies on behalf of admitted eligible students. In order to be eligible the candidate must be:

  • Be aged 30 years old or less in the selection year
  • Have a single nationality from a developing country deemed an 'emerging country' by the French state department, especially those in Asia and Latin America, for example, currently under-represented among the student population in France

Selection Criteria:

Candidates wishing to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship must write an essay, describing how the scholarship will help them achieve their long-term career goals. They should explain what they aim to achieve from the MBA program and how they will implement this in their future career. As it is offered by the French Government, candidates should address issues such as why they are studying in France.

Personal Financial Statement:

Applicants must submit a detailed description of their financial circumstances as well as a cash-flow forecast for 16-month duration at HEC.

Amount of Award:

The Eiffel Scholarship provides participants with a monthly allowance of €1,031, and covers additional expenses including travel, health insurance and cultural activities. Tuition fees are not covered by the scholarship.

Application Deadline:

End of November each year (after enrollment confirmation) .

http://www.mba. hec.edu/Admissio ns/Financing/ Scholarships/ HEC-EGIDE- EIFFEL-Scholarsh ips



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